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When she was seven-years-old, Martinez’s grandmother, Mildred, took she and her sister to a New Orleans production of The Nutcracker. “I was sitting there in awe of what I was watching. I knew in that moment that I wanted to be a performer,” she says. Her childhood was shaped by her grandmother’s support of her love of the arts: She learned modeling from Barbizon Modeling school and acting, dance, piano attending New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. “Tap shoes were my version of Barbie dolls,” says Martinez, whose childhood nickname was Susie Q.

The actress attended Louisiana State University and was a successful scholar-athlete, running the 800 meter event (she was third on her team). Two years into her education, her world began to change. She injured her knee while competing in track and field and was left unable to run. She decided then to move to Houston and focus on her academic and professional pursuits, earning a degree in accounting.

It was the film Pain (2003)—the story of two young drug dealers whose lives are changed by a young Christian—that spurred her return to acting. “It was a very poignant role,” she says. “I had so many built-up emotions that shined through in that performance." Since then, she has worked diligently at guiding her budding career. Her first leading role was in the 2006 film, Color of Blood; thereafter other lead roles followed in The Maestro and The SheCzar.

Martinez, who is of Creole heritage, says her ultimate goal is to use her success as an actress to inspire positive change in her community and, eventually, the world. “Creoles are so many ethnicities—African, French, and Spanish—mixed up in one. So it’s part of our culture to embrace everyone. No matter what their race or background,” she says. “I hope seeing me will help people become more accepting and enlighten others that there are rich, unique cultures out there that they might not be aware of.”

While pursuing her acting, Martinez is owner of sOsOmega Productions in which she is writing screen plays and progressively establishing her directorial and executive producer credits.

Written By: Crystal Martin (O Magazine)


Television Dark Angel, Phat Phat N-All-That, The Cycle

Film Jacobs Ladder, Deadly Wordz, Pain, Color of Blood, The Maestro, The She Czar, Avenged Love, H-Town the Movie

Stage The Party, A Bird In Flight, Drama Queens, Before It Hits Home

Commercial Denny's Restaurant, Baylor College of Medicine, St. Luke's Hospital, Southwest Airlines, United Way, Methodist Hospital, Academy Sports, Uncle Bens Rice, George Foreman KnockOut, Houston Chronicle, Bank of America, Centex Homes, Microsoft 2000, Wal-Mart Wholefoods Market, Conn's

Training Chris Wilson Studio for Actor; Houston Academy of Dance, NOCCA performing arts school, On-Camera: John Wesley Downey, Auditioning: Joanna Merlin; Crystal Martinez: Auditioning Effectively: In Person & ON TAPE.


Height: 5' 8"   Weight: 128
Hair: Dark Brown   Eyes: Brown

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