Kroger Health and Wellness Ad Campaign and Video

December 17, 2015

Sophia Martinez wrapped on the Kroger Health and Wellness campaign by the CB&S Advertising, The Kroger Company. Her role is the Young Woman Customer. The shoot entails materials such as Video, Print Ad campaigns and Internet campaigns.

Sophia Martinez releases her short film Vindicator

May 17, 2015

I want to thank you for your support.

After long consideration and being indecisive. I finally made the decision to release my first short film named VINDICATOR to the public and the world wide web.

This film was a great birthday present to myself, taught me more about myself, and learned in so many ways life in general. Vindicator was birth from a dream I had. It kept annoying me for a year until I sat down and wrote a story, put it in screenplay format and finally produced it.

You can view behind the scene video footage of Vindicator production on my Facebook fan page Actress Sophia Martinez or you can simply click on this screen page, top right hand corner the Facebook icon picture to take you directly to Actress Sophia Martinez facebook fan page.

One day I will continue the pursuit to fully produce VINDICATOR and bring it to life.

I hope you enjoy.


H-Town the Moive

February 19, 2015

Sophia wrap on the H Town the Movie a Roux Unlimited production in Houston, Texas. Sophia performs the role of Maria Martinez, a mother who loses her daughter but gains a grandson. H Town the Movie coming soon.

Dennys Restaurant - Captain Biscuits Commercial

October 2, 2014

Sophia Martinez wrap today on Dennys Restaurant Captain Biscuits commercial in Houston, Texas. She had the pleasure to perform the role of a Waitress and work with a notable Director Jason Woliner and Caviar productions.

Thats What It Takes commercial

September 29, 2014

Sophia Martinez wrap today on \"Thats What It Takes\", Harpoon Pictures, Baylor College of Medicine commercial in Houston, Texas.

Sophia 1st written & produced movie trailer release

May 10, 2014

I hope you guys are on my FaceBook page. This is the only way you will be able to receive notice of when my first film I wrote and produced trailer will air.

So here is the link and like my page to watch my movie trailer release coming soon:

Commercial - St. Lukes Hospital

April 6, 2014

Sophia Martinez book the St. Lukes Hospital television commercial in Houston, Texas.

Commercials On Air

January 15, 2014

Since July 2013 to present you can see Sophia Martinez performing in the Houston Methodist Hospital, Southwest Airlines national commercial and United Way Houston commercial on your local television networks.

Sophia wrap on UNITED WAY Commerical

June 21, 2013

Sophia performed in UNITED WAY commercial which will be out at the end of July 2013. Was great working with Director Kenny Benitez, who is also a fellow New Orleanian; Producer Linda Ruff she is amazing; and Principal/Director Locke Bryan of Locke Bryan Productions.


May 22, 2013

Sophia wrap the Methodist Hospital commercial in Houston, Texas.
Tool of North America production company, Director Matt Ogens, Producer Jordan Roberts

Creoles - Sophia Martinez featured

March 23, 2013

There are many definitions of \"Creole\" and we want to make this clear of our view point, that ALL are welcomed on this page. Our definition most resembles that of that \"Creole: means native to Louisiana...referred to black, white, and mixed-race.\" We are proud to say our ancestors are a mix of skin colors and came here from every corner of the earth, this is what makes US unique.
By: Creole (Louisiana Creoles)

Elori R. Broussard - Kin to Beyonce

February 28, 2013

Actress Sophia Martinez! I want to Highlight another family member that is someone for our young ones,especially our little girls to look up too! — with Actress Sophia Martinez.
By: Ebony Tauriac!/EloiRBroussard

Eloi R Broussard Descendants - Sophia Martinez featured

February 28, 2013

Actress Sophia Martinez proves that if you follow your passion then everything will follow. Sophia was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, in which she still holds New Orleans deep in her heart and soul. She makes it a point to keep in touch with her strong creole heritage, culture and family roots in Louisiana. Her Grandmother, Mildred Bernard-Martinez, founded the Martinez Kindergarten School located in New Orleans. Education was important in her up-bringing, so Sophia attended Louisiana State University. She was a successful, scholar athlete, until she dreadfully injured her knee during a track meet. She no longer was able to run track. Her being a strong Broussard woman, she did what us Broussard women would do! She got up and got moving. She moved to Houston, Texas and earned her degree in Accounting. She proved to persevere over any set backs. Sophia has appeared in many movies and television advertisements and commercials. A list of her movies are: \"Pain\" (2003), \"Color of Blood\" (2006 lead role), and \"Avenged Love.\" She also have many other business avenues to add to her already impressive resume\'. Sophia, you may no longer be able to run an 800 meter dash, but you are our \"Wonder Woman.\" Who needs to run when you can fly? You make your family so proud and thank you for sharing your story with me~ Broussard forever ....
By: Eloi R Broussard Descendants

Holiday Campaign Usage

December 17, 2011

Sophia Martinez campaign ad for Academy Sports and Outdoor is running for the 2011-2012 holidays. Continue the great work Sophia.

Sophia Martinez Campaign Ad's and Screening all in one week

March 17, 2011

Sophia Martinez is working hard this month of March 2011. Her Academy Sports and Conn's campaign ad has hit all stores; you can watch Sophia's performance as Olivia in feature film PAIN airing on UTN and you can watch Sophia's performance lead actress as SheCzar/Ladonna Lopez in the feature film THE SHECZAR screening Sunday, March 27, 2011 in Houston, Texas.

Sophia Martinez models for IW Marks on Great Day Houston

February 8, 2011

Sophia Martinez model tv segment: IW Marks on Great Day Houston - segment online

Jewelry for your Valentine

PAIN distributed in Africa

January 16, 2011

PAIN the movie has received distribution this year throughout Africa, and more distribution coming in other countries this year.

PAIN film Christmas Day 2010

December 25, 2010

Sophia Martinez film PAIN air's on UTN ( on Christmas Day 2010, 7:00pm CST channel 21. Sophia plays the role of Olivia - Beau's girlfriend facing the decision of having a better life for herself, dealing with Beau's love affairs and not having Beau in her life.

The SheCzar Pilot

September 3, 2010

See Sophia Martinez as Ladonna Lopez aka SheCzar lead in The SheCzar Pilot.
The SheCzar pilot trailer on click the link below.

Nolawood - The Story of the New Orleans' Hollywood

June 22, 2010
Host Name: iamcreoleNetworks
Show Name: Nolawood

Date / Length: 6/22/2010 10:00 PM - 1 hr 3 min
Length: 1 hr 3 min
"The story of the New Orleans' Hollywood" There is something about a place that has Latin history dating centuries before most of the colonial states. Not to mention, a place with a culture that can only be found in a small area of the world many call this area New Orleans. A place that Creoles found, thrived, and continue to build. A place, were Cajun locals looked for a life in the Crescent city, a place where former slaves made a new life and culture. This is a melting pot. This is New Orleans. A place, that Hollywood is viewing as a place to do business. So, join us as we talk to an actor on the new hot HBO series "Treme", Tony Frederick, and native New Orleans Creole actress, Sophia Martinez. This will be a show NOT TO MISS. LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! BON TEMP!

Sophia Martinez lands lead role in The SheCzar

March 9, 2009

Actress Sophia Martinez has been chosen for the lead role - out many actresses to perform the complex, gritty role in the Houston Mafia film The SheCzar.

Sophia Martinez runs for Clean Air

April 24, 2008

Join Actress Sophia Martinez and her SO FRESH & SO CLEAN AIR team to help raise money to fight for Clean Air during the 2008 Houston Clean Air Challenge 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, May 3rd at Sabine to Bagby Waterfront Park. Money raised will fund lung disease research, programs and clean air initiatives. This will be a fun time for the entire family that benefits a worthwhile cause, and any support you give will help fight for clean air in Houston! Click this link and Donate to Sophia Martinez team SO FRESH SO CLEAN AIR TEAM.

Come on help out, if you donate monetary you do receive a tax write off so come and donate to the SO FRESH SO CLEAN team so we can have our names plastered everywhere at the race. Can I get at least $10, can I get $20 or more.

The Maestro - Has Blockbuster Potential

March 25, 2008

This has been a great for films set in The Lone Star State. The two stop Academy Award Winners, "No Country For Old Men" and "There Will Be Blood" and now "The Maestro" is planning on following in their huge footsteps. "The Maestro" had a Sneak Premiere earlier this month at The Museum of The Fine Arts Houston to a rousing standing ovation. article posted.

Hi Join Me and help support in the 2008 Clean Air Challenge 5k Run/Walk marathon

March 17, 2008

2008 Clean Air Challenge

Join me and my team and help raise money to fight for Clean Air during the 2008 Houston Clean Air Challenge 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, May 3rd at Sabine to Bagby Waterfront Park. Money raised will fund lung disease research, programs and clean air initiatives. This will be a fun time for the entire family that benefits a worthwhile cause and any support you give will help fight for clean air in Houston!

I want to tell you about an exciting event happening in Houston called the Clean Air Challenge 5K Run/Walk!
This event, benefiting the American Lung Association, is a 5K Run/Walk at the Sabine to Bagby Waterfront Park in Houston and will take place on May 3, 2008. Don't miss your chance to participate!

Now is the time to sign up. You can participate as an individual or make it more fun by forming a team. If you are interested in protecting your health and the environment, promoting clean indoor and outdoor air, then this is the event for you.

The American Lung Association raises money for the critical issue of lung disease, including childhood asthma, youth smoking, and emphysema and lung cancer. The American Lung Association is working hard to fight these important issues.

Join me at the Houston 2008 Clean Air Challenge!

THE MAESTRO movie Premiere Feb. 19, 2008

January 14, 2008

Starring SOPHIA MARTINEZ as Jan Lemon 'Madame Butterfly'

The baby has been born and is out of the incubator and ready for it's christening. "THE MAESTRO."


I am happy to announce that on Tuesday, Feb. 19 @ 7:00 PM
presenting the PREMIERE of "THE MAESTRO"
@ The Museum of Fine Arts-Houston; 5600 Fannin.

The auditorium holds an audience of 350 of which the additional seats will go to Film Distribution Executives, Critics, Agents,
and other people in the filmmaking and artistic community.

The Maestro Coming Soon 2008

October 1, 2007

A Mafia movie with blockbuster potential

Think of ” the Sopranos” and “the Godfather,” and then put them on Texas-sized steroids and you’ve got a marvelous, magnificent, magical, masterpiece called “The Maestro.”

“The Maestro” may very well put Houstonwood and Firefly Films Movie Production Company on the movie-making map big time.

This movie is capable of making “The Sopranos” fans, “The Godfather” fans and just about anybody who loves movies fall in love with it, which bodes well and should equal big box office success. All the elements are there.

“The Maestro” is an exceptional story. It blends three magical ingredients and creates a great mob epic- power, politics, and crime. It brings all these elements to a head in a riveting John Grisham-like courtroom drama. There’s no better time for a movie about government corruption. People love the idea of beating “City Hall/Capitol Hill.”

The movie has several star making parts filled with a mostly Houston area ensemble cast including: Tony Chiaviello, Arita Nicholas, Jia Taylor, Michael Wayne Thomas, Robert Garza, Don Ramos, Alvin Bellow, Sophia Martinez, Rockfielle Living, Gonzalo Salazar, Bobby Taylor, Robert Works, Frank Torry, Julitta Pourciau, Chantal Nichole, Travis Ammons, Nina Leon, and Karen Trento.

By definition “The Maestro” means “master of the arts” but in this case it means, “master criminal.”

The story is compelling and reaches a new level of excellence in “The Godfather” movie genre. It’s the well-written story of a Texas mob family crime boss and his powerful grip on society. He has taken the mob to another level globally. He is far beyond street smart and has conned his way into the top levels of government.

The film’s principle photography was totally shot in Houston and written, produced and directed by Houstonian Lawrence V. Williams.
“There are some great performances in the movie and all the actors and crew put all their energies into making a great film.” said Mr. Williams. “No disrespect to Steven Spielberg films, but this Lawrence V Williams and Team Film compares very favorably. We were all stupid enough and passionate enough about it to think it could happen. We would not be denied.”

Color of Blood playing in HHFF

October 1, 2007

Dear Bloodeteers,

Looks like clips from "Color of Blood" will be showing at this year's Houston Halloween Film Fest. Only about ten minutes of the total film. All the information's on:

True Tales of Indie Distribution

December 6, 2006

True Tales of Indie Distribution
By Heidi Hughes

I’m writing this article for two reasons. First I’d like to tell everyone that our Houston Monster Movie is finally available on Secondly, I’m going to reveal a few truths about Independent film distribution that you won’t read in those popular How-To books.

Before I get into the grizzly distribution details, I have to say how proud and excited I am to finally offer our film, “The Color of Blood” for sale. It has everything! It’s got a great Monster, a bevy of beautiful screaming damsels in distress, wonderful cinematography and a city that is as dark and foreboding as any in Carpathia! In fact, Houston was intentionally included as a character in the movie. We wanted to take this modern glass and steal metropolis and turn it into a foggy, wicked jungle of doom. I think we really accomplished this and we want everyone to see it… so log on now and order your copy today, while supplies last!

Ok, so much for the commercial, now on to the instructional part of our program. I opened “The Big Tex Movin’ Picture Company” in 2004 to complete a process that started when my husband, Bill, and I began writing screenplays together some years before. When we started to write, the stories just seemed to pour out. Before we knew it, we had a stack of completed ninety page screenplays.

Our first screenplay won some festival awards. That was enough to get us hooked. We cleaned up the rest of our screenplays and proceeded to send them off to the movin’ picture folks in Hollywood.

After many months and several bites we figured out that shopping a screenplay around was, as much about being there to bang on doors, as it was about doing good work. The truth is, we are in Texas and we plan on staying here. Still, writing a screenplay is like an addiction. To get our next fix, we had to have these stories come to life.

That’s when I began to wonder why we couldn’t make these movies ourselves. Bill had spent a lot of years behind the scenes as an illustrator and designer for Star Wars and he knew how to put films together. But I wasn’t going to sink money into camera rentals, food for a cast and pug-dog baby-sitting fees if there wasn’t some way of making it back. So we researched Indie Film distribution options. To neophytes like us, they sounded pretty good!

Since the advent of digital film making, a lot of low budget projects have made it to the market. We rented a dozen real stinkers and realized that anything we did would be better than what was already on the shelves. We also asked distributors what they wanted and they told us they would buy blood, babes, maniacs and monsters. Eureka! We decided to make a Monster Movie. After nine months of production, “The Color of Blood” was born.

Distributors loved “The Color of Blood”. In short order we had ten thick contracts resting in our hot little hands. So far so good, right? Well this is where I tell you what others won’t. A distributor’s number one goal is not to sell your movie. Their goal is to acquire your project and that’s about it. None of the contracts we received required the distributor to promote the movie. If they ever did sell a copy, the contracts divided up any possible proceeds in a way that left us, the filmmakers, nothing.

In all fairness, “Kick-Your-Teeth-Out” contracts do not mean that all distributors are evil (though that may in fact be the case). What these contracts do reflect is the changing nature of the direct to video/Indie film business. Like the music business, technology has caused the distribution currents to shift and Hollywood doesn’t want to miss the boat.

With the advent of the 24P camera, the budget equation for a major film has changed dramatically. Hollywood saw films that cost 20K sitting on the shelf next to their 200 million dollar babies. The big players made a decision to own that shelf space and they created mini-majors to gobble it up. The result pushed reruns of Seinfeld into your local video store where the Independents used to be. And please don’t be fooled by what Hollywood calls “Independent” film. If you look close enough, everything at Sundance has a major player financing it. The Majors have made a strategic decision to provide lower budget films. If you want proof of this, just look at who won the Academy Awards this last year.

So for all the Independent filmmakers out there, make your best work and realize that the market is changing. As storytellers, we must be aware of the business of filmmaking. When a Distributor tells you what they are looking for, realize that they are in a shrinking market and have little interest in your survival, especially when their own is on the line.

So what’s an intrepid filmmaker to do? The answer to that question is self-distribute. Learn that end of the film business just like you learned how to edit, color correct and shoot. I never wanted to get into distribution, but no one else is going to do it as well as I can. Handing your work off to someone else is actually, sort-of lazy.

The Internet is the new frontier and only the brave explorer will survive its wilds. The great news is everything is fresh! Everything is in flux! These are pioneer days and a great new land spreads out before us. Technology has evened the playing field. The new winners in media will be those with the best content and the guts to market it.

Speaking of guts, be sure and get a copy of “The Color of Blood”! It really is fun to see Houston in a new light (or lack of it). Much of the Movie was shot in the Art Crawl area. It also features local artists, studios and locations like The Continental Club and Crostini’s Restaurant. The film has a hometown cast and music by several Houston rock bands. (I just can’t resist this new Marketing/PR gig. It might be as fun as filmmaking.)

At any rate, please support your local filmmakers! Who knows, you may be in our next production. We’re all just “Squatters” in the new media frontier anyway, right?

Heidi Hughes

Owner of The Big Tex Movin’ Picture Company, LLC

Color of Blood now on DVD Dec. 8th

December 1, 2006

Dear Friends, Cast and Coutryman,

The first horror feature from Big Tex is being released this Friday,
Dec. 8th. It will be available on to any one interested in seeing the darker side of Houston, supporting Indie Filmmaking or who just like to see pretty girls scream!

Have a great week, stay warm and stay inside... BWA HA HAAA!

Bill & Heidi

The Color of Blood on MONSTER HD

October 1, 2006

Sophia Martinez starring as RIO in the featured film

The first horror feature from Big Tex is being released this Friday,
Dec. 8th. It will be available on - Please pass
the fun and forward this e-mail to any one interested in seeing the darker
side of Houston, supporting Indie Filmmaking or who just like to see pretty
girls scream!

The Color of Blood on MONSTER HD

Halloween comes early to the River Oaks

August 14, 2006

Halloween comes early to the River Oaks

Houston filmmakers, Bill & Heidi Hughes, will premiere their horror film The Color of Blood at the River Oaks Theater on August the 17th at seven PM. The admission is free to fans on independent film, but only 120 seats are available. Seating will be first come, first serve.

The Color of Blood stars Sophia Martinez as a beautiful young artist with a bloody Aztec past. She becomes involved in murder, torture and vampire sacrifices when she joins the gallery of the mysterious Vincent Zorasian.

The film was shot on a very limited budget and takes advantage of all the great locations a city like Houston has to offer. The Color of Blood also features many fine Houston actors and several local bands. Just before the horror feature there will be a short film about the filmmakers previous work as well as behind the scenes of Color and a few surprises for any Trekies in the audience.

Thirty minutes before and after the film, the filmmakers will be available for questions. Many of the film’s stars will also be in attendance. So if you’re interested in making Off-Hollywood movies guerilla-style please come out and support independent filmmaking in Houston. *Because of language, violence and vampire gore attendees must be seventeen years old or older. To see more about this film and other local projects go to

Small Film Company Screams for Attention

June 12, 2006
By Greg Flakus
Houston, TX

Hollywood movies are seen around the world and the industry, based in Los Angeles, is one of the biggest in terms of U.S. exports. But not all American films are big-budget Hollywood productions. Small-budget independent films are made all over the United States and some of them meet with worldwide success as well. VOA's Greg Flakus in Houston has a story about a couple who have turned their marriage partnership into a creative partnership, with some scary results.

They may not look very menacing. But this suburban married couple is responsible for several grisly murders.

Bill and Heidi Hughes are hoping to make a killing with a horror film they developed together, combining his talents as a veteran motion picture art director and her talents in business management. "She watches every frame of the film and makes sure that everything is perfect. I will let things go. I always feel like, 'That's good enough.' But nothing is ever good enough for Heidi."

Heidi says she just want it to be done right which is more important than just getting it done. Bill agrees that it works out pretty well.

Bill Hughes had a successful career as an artist working with some of the biggest directors in Hollywood, but he left that behind a couple of years ago to develop his own projects and tell his own stories.

Sophia Martinez

"I did the visual part of the storytelling and that is why we really wanted to get into the moviemaking business because we can do the whole storytelling here. I am not just stuck on the two-dimensional plane, I am dealing with emotion and character and sound and the whole ball of wax."

But this is not just a hobby for Bill and Heidi. Their Big Tex Movin' Picture Company is a business and they wanted to make a film that would make money.

Heidi says Bill ran across key information searching the Internet. "Bill researched on the Internet what movie distributors were looking for and, as it turns out, they were looking for horror movies."

Horror movie vampire

So, after doing research by viewing dozens of horror movies from their local video store, Bill and Heidi came up with their own story of vampires on the loose in Houston called "The Color of Blood."

A key factor in such a film is having a compelling central character with whom audiences can identify and they found her in local actress Sophia Martinez.

In the film, she plays a woman of Aztec descent who is drawn into the world of the occult. "Color of Blood has everything in it. It's comedic, it's drama, it's horror, it's suspenseful, It keeps you on your toes."

There is a huge fan base around the world for such films, many of which never go into mainstream theaters and find their audiences through specialty magazines and web sites.

Bill says he plans to make his film reach wider audiences. "We are designing this film so that it can be translated into different languages and be sold overseas, hopefully, in all sorts of different markets."

As to why these films are popular, Bill and Heidi have also given that some thought. "Number one, it is a cheap thrill. You can watch it and get your adrenalin flowing without actually being in danger yourself, and number two -- and this is not my theory but something I heard somebody else say (Bill, behind, grins and points to himself) -- young people like it because they are flirting with mortality."

Bill and Heidi Hughes are confident they can turn a profit with this film and use the skills they have developed to make even more monster hits.

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