Height: 5' 8"   Weight: 128
Hair: Dark Brown   Eyes: Brown


Neal Hamil Agency
(713) 789-1335 [ Th ]



Television Dark Angel, Phat Phat N-All-That, The Cycle

Film Jacobs Ladder, Deadly Wordz, Pain, Color of Blood, The Maestro, The She Czar, Avenged Love, H-Town the Movie

Stage The Party, A Bird In Flight, Drama Queens, Before It Hits Home

Commercial Denny's Restaurant, Baylor College of Medicine, St. Luke's Hospital, Southwest Airlines, United Way, Methodist Hospital, Academy Sports, Uncle Bens Rice, George Foreman KnockOut, Houston Chronicle, Bank of America, Centex Homes, Microsoft 2000, Wal-Mart Wholefoods Market, Conn's

Training Chris Wilson Studio for Actor; Houston Academy of Dance, NOCCA performing arts school, On-Camera: John Wesley Downey, Auditioning: Joanna Merlin; Crystal Martinez: Auditioning Effectively: In Person & ON TAPE.

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